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Letter Tracking: Reference

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my letter be posted?

L-Mail will post your letter at a post office near to the printing location you specify.

How do you print the letters?

Letters are printed on quality ink or laser jet printers depending upon the printing location. We use premium white A4 paper which is enclosed in white DL self sealing window envelopes. We currently only print in black and white.

What happens to returned letters?

If an L-mail letter can not be delivered, it may be returned to the L-Mail printing location it was dispatched from by the local postal service. The letter will then be destroyed without being opened. We are unable to provide refunds for undelivered letters.

Why should I open an account?

An L-Mail account has a number of benefits over writing a standard letter.
- Place a payment on your account from which letter fees are deducted.
- View the letters you have sent from any web browser.
- Cancel unprinted L-Mail and receive a full refund.
Further features will continue to be added on a regular basis.

Do you offer discounts on your pricing?

Yes. Discounts are available for bulk users of the service. Please contact us for a quotation.

When will my letter be posted?

Letters are posted daily (working days only) at our printing posting locations.

Can you customise the service for me?

Maybe. We welcome feedback about the system and if your suggestion is of benefit to most users we will do our best to incorporate it. Please let us know your suggestions.

How do I get support?

Support requests should be logged through our central support ticketing system - select "Contact Us" from the navigation menu.

Who operates the L-Mail service? is a trading name of QiQ Communications PTY LTD. QiQ is an internet consultancy that has been operating since 1998.

Is L-Mail secure?

Transmission of data across the Internet for L-mail is as secure as email.

Our letter dispatch process is automated and our staff carefully selected and references taken ensuring a high level of integrity in our organisation.

Once letters leave L-Mail they are as secure as any other letters trusted to local post office services. However, as we print at a location nearer to the recipient of the letter, likelihood of your correspondence being lost or delayed is minimised. There are no flights to miss and less chance of disruption through local outages in the postal system.

What does my L-Mail consist of?

An L-Mail letter contains the following:

1 Coversheet containing recipient address, L-Mail reference & L-Mail Branding.
3 Page letter (Maximum).
1 Envelope & postage stamp.

When can I use this service? is available 24 hours a day, every day. Schedule downtime for maintenance is listed on the site from time to time.