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Mailing physical letters from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is as simple as sending an email.

Marketeers and Business Development personnel know that not everyone they want to reach will disclose their email address and that sending a letter can still be the ideal way to reach their potential customers. Sadly, CRM software tends not to support the integration of mailing global correspondence - until now.

QiQ CRM Integration:

  • Send postal mail from within your CRM system.
  • Mail from over 30 worldwide locations.
  • Communicate via letter with the same ease as email.
  • Flexible solution works with many CRM platforms.

QiQ's L-Mail and Docsaway service can be used to automate the mailing of basic text letters, or fully formatted PDF's to your contacts.

Sending mail from your CRM system is easy:
Log in to your L-Mail account (for basic text letters) or account (for mailing PDF's) and add your contact to your address book. Make a note of the special email address we allocate as an email address for your contact in your CRM system.

To mail a PDF

  1. Create the letter to your client (perhaps using a letter writing tool within your CRM system) and save it as a PDF document.
  2. Send an email with the PDF Document as an attachment to the allocated email address. This may be possible from within your CRM system.

To mail a basic Text Letter

  1. Create the basic text letter for your client as an email within your CRM system.
  2. Send the email to the L-Mail allocated email address.

We will print and post the PDF document to the address stored in the address book from the location you specify within your L-Mail or Docsaway address book. A record of the transaction appearing in your account.

Send mail direct from the following CRM systems:

Address Two
Chaos Intellect
Dynamics CRM
GNU Enterprise
Maximizer CRM
Microsoft CRM
Pivotal CRM

Sage ACT!
Sage CRM
Vtiger CRM
Zoho CRM

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