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Postal Strike - Ireland Over

7 October 2015

I’m pleased to advise the strike is now over and letters will be processed from Ireland as normal.

Postal Strike - Ireland

5 October 2015

Please note mail to Ireland may take longer than usual due to industrial action by postal workers. The action commenced on 2nd Oct 2015 with no scheduled end date at this time.

Sending mail gets easier thanks to a new collaboration

29 July 2014

A new service from German business Mils, in partnership with Australian hybrid mail company QiQ, enables computer users to send a PDF document directly from their desktop.

Docsaway Perth

11 July 2014

Docsaway now print and mail documents from Perth Australia, in addition to Sydney and our 17 other worldwide locations. Please see for details.

Phone system upgrade and number changes

15 April 2014

Meeting your "Know Your Customer" requirements through hybrid mail.

9 January 2014

Here at QiQ we help a number of businesses meet their “Know Your Customer” requirements through our hybrid mail solutions. We’ve produced the following article which may be of interest if you have to meet combat money laundering, identity theft, and possible terrorist funding legislative requirements.

How a .PDF document can win you new business

2 December 2013

A PDF file is a read-only format that is often used by businesses to prevent digital altering. PDF has many benefits over other formats, for example, it looks smart, can be password encrypted and is compatible across multiple platforms. PDF files can also be more beneficial if you are using direct mail. This article explains why.

Four rules to keep your direct mail legal

27 November 2013

How to get customers to take action with a letter this holiday season

21 November 2013

In today’s digital world where content is king and opt-in lists are the Holy Grail of ecommerce; it’s easy to overlook snail mail as a viable form of marketing. You may think that snail mail is nothing but an old school dinosaur that can’t compete with text, email and social media; however, when used properly, it can be a highly effective marketing tool for your business.

Three situations where “Snail Mail” would mean the world to your client

22 October 2013

Today, anything can be done with the click of a button. Entire conversations can be held in less than 140 characters. You can buy things from halfway around the world with incredible ease. Businesses can exist and advertise almost exclusively online. Everything is fast, efficient, and relatively easy. But much of the business world has gotten so used to the comforts of the e-universe that they’ve forgotten the value of the traditional ways of business. One such oft-forgotten practice is the use of traditional mail.

QiQ: Export award winner

17 October 2013

We are very pleased to announce that QiQ Communications won the Hunter/ Central Coast Exporter Award in the Premier’s NSW Export Awards.

Old-School Service Businesses Reborn for the Web

4 October 2013

The Internet may have killed the travel agent and the door-to-door encyclopedia salesman, but the service economy is still running strong. In fact, the digital revolution is giving many entrepreneurs an opportunity to re-imagine old services to make them better. In some cases, the service revamp hinges on improved cost or convenience; other times, it’s making a service relevant to a new audience.

QiQ is a finalist for the Premier's New South Wales Export Awards

25 September 2013

QiQ have made it through to the finals of the Premier’s NSW Export Awards 2013. This year marks the 51st Anniversary of the NSW Export Awards program; making the NSW Export Awards, Australia’s longest running business awards program.

QiQ a finalist for Excellence in Export award

19 August 2013

QiQ made it through to the final round of the Central Coast Business Excellence Awards 2013. Whilst we did not win our category, QiQ is grateful for the acknowledgement of our work, particularly in export through online services – both web hosting and domain name sales and our hybrid mail service.

Chinese New Year Bank Holidays

6 February 2013

With the upcoming Chinese New Year bank holidays we thought best to send through a friendly reminder that although QiQ is not taking any time off, many of the postal services in Asia will be. Below is a summary of the upcoming bank holidays for each of the relevant countries. Singapore/Malaysia – 11 Feb – 12 Feb 2013
Hong Kong – 11 Feb – 13 Feb 2013
China/Taiwan/Vietnam – 11 Feb -15 Feb 2013 Please ensure that enough time is allowed for letters to be received before these post offices close for the holidays.

L-Mail, Italy

5 January 2013

L-Mail now process letters from Como in Italy (as well as 31 other worldwide locations). Italian letters are sent via A-Post with a typical 1-2 working day delivery speed.

25% Discount on Docsaway Letters

20 December 2012

If you open a Docsaway account before 6 January 2013 and make a payment of $5 or more to your account you will automatically receive a 25% discount on our standard letter prices. Future discounts will depend upon the value of your prepayments as outlined below.

Latest Posting Times

18 October 2012

QiQ print and post documents from over 30 worldwide locations via our L-Mail and Docsaway services. This page lists the latest times for posting for both our L-Mail and Docsaway services.

UK's Business Mail Upgraded by Historical Postal Connection

13 December 2011

In this modern age, the trusty and reliable post office is at risk of becoming obsolete, however Australian business owner Peter Harris has other ideas by sending traditional printed letters electronically.

Internet Postal Service Could Save the Art of Letter Writing

12 December 2011

The US Postal Service is struggling to survive, but Australian Peter Harris is joining the push for US businesses to write more letters through his electronic posting service Docsaway.